The UnRx Podcast

Episode #1 show notes

In our first full episode we featured an interview with Drywall Crossfit.

We covered the topics:

  • How the blog started and where the name came from
  • New T-shirt contest
  • Dropping in on other Crossfit affiliates
  • Affordability of Crossfit
  • Does Crossfit prepare you for sports? Are you an athlete?
  • Memorial day plans - Live tweeting at the North Central regionals


The Crossfit Games web site

Drywall Crossfit's web site

@drywallcrossfit on Twitter

@unrxpodcast on Twitter


Want to ask a question for us or just leave us a comment? ┬áLeave us a message (410)635-4556 on our voicemail and we’ll play it on the next episode.

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